Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Sweet Moon

Happy Full Moon, my friends. The full moon in June has many sweet names to reflect the this flowering time of year. My favorite names are the Strawberry Moon and The Honey Moon.

This full moon rises in the sign of Sagittarius. All my sun and moon Sag babies, this is your lucky moon.

Here is a mini visualization for you. You are like the great archer, Sagittarius. You are dressed in a simple yellow tunic and sandals. You have a beautiful silver bow and arrow in your possession. The arrow is made from the energy of the cherished dream or goal of yours. You look up to the moon, then lift up the bow and arrow. You release the arrow. It soars into the sky until it disappears from sight into the luminous glow of the moon.

Your goal or dream has taken wings, my friend. Know that your Creator is now opening a channel or channels for it to arrive to you. Stay open and say yes to whatever good comes your way.

Wishing you all a wonderful and merry full Moon.



Jennifer said...

Such a fabulous visualization! In love with that picture too, it speaks to me as someone with long black hair and an affinity for the moon!

Dena Miller said...

Full Moon Blessing Dear Friend!!!
Your a photo selection is amazing! It is the perfect visual♥

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