Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our last Winter Full Moon...

Hello, my friends. I've been having laptop issues that have slowed down my posting. Finally, I'm able to blog again.

It is the Full Moon tonight. I always get a little excited when the Moon becomes full. I think even the most logical person feels a pang of romance and adventure looking up at a Full Moon. It is our last Full Moon of Winter. Spring is officially a few days away. And to top it off we end March with another new moon. That makes March a truly merry month full of magic and delight for all.Tonight, I have a lovely brown candle with a chocolate fragrance burning tonight. I chose chocolate to honor the Virgo energy which starts the Full Moon. All my Virgo sun and moon babies, you know this is your moon.

Brown for me symbolizes earth and riches. How many times have we seen in winter, the land appearing asleep. Then suddenly, you see tiny flowers begin to sprout from the rich brown earth as Spring gets underway. Winter is leaving and Spring will soon dance with us again. Time to reflect on all we learned this Winter and let go of what doesn't serve us anymore. What new and bright things you wish to grow this Spring? What cold dreams can thaw off now in the Spring sun for you?

I'm wishing you all a lovely and enriching Full Moon. If all you can do is glance out the window to look at Lady Moon, then do that. Acknowledging the rhythms of nature keeps us in harmony with our own souls.


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Tracy said...

Hi, ShelL! Great to have your back... hope you're laptop is feeling better. :o) I love Full Moon time! And I love that it's almost spring! Winter is long here, and cold, so the extra sunshine of late is a wonderful welcome. With the renewed energy of spring, I'm organizing my days a bit differently to make more time for creative projects and work. Spring has an excitement about it that's hard not to dance in tune with! Happy Springtime to you & yours :o) ((HUGS))

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