These are the days that Reindeer love.....

These are the days that Reindeer love
And pranks the Northern Star -
This is the Sun's Objective,
And Finland of the Year.
- Emily Dickinson

It is the Winter Solstice, my friends. The shortest day of the year.
Happy Winter and Yule, for those who celebrate. Finally, the sun will return to us a bit longer every day. By the time my birthday rolls around in late January, the sun sets around six. The light is returning.

How am I celebrating Winter's entrance. I have a lone bright sunshiny yellow candle burning on my altar.

For today, you can light a yellow or orange candle. Or any color or a fragrant candle that reminds you of the sun. Listen to songs about the sun or sunshine. Even rock the colors of daylight in your wardrobe as you go shopping or baking today.

Winter is a lovely season. So celebrate it in whatever way that makes your heart sing.

Sending you a sunny wave for Winter's day.


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Jennifer said...

Oh Shell I just watched the loveliest video for Solstice about reindeers as a totem animal. Such majestic creatures, I can't believe people hunt them!

Victoria said...

Winter Solstice Blessings to you kindred sister..such a beautifully written post as always..full of your spirit and poetic soul!Yellow is a gorgeous color-energy to celebrate with..sounds beautiful! I have some orange slices I dried sitting in a bowl with candles and cinnamon sticks! Yay's to sun magic!
Beautiful image by the way..very enchanting!

Dena Miller said...

Very Enchanting post indeed!!!! Love the tranquility of The Winter Solstice.
Bright Blessings with Love and Sunshine to you.