Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harvest Moon

Happy Full moon, my friends.

The last couple of early evenings, Jacob and I have been out from
playing and doing errands. Making it back home before the sky turns

Each night, I could see the Moon grow larger and brighter. Until
last night, it glowed. When I let Jacob run in front of me, he loves
to run, it illuminated his path as his little legs sped out.

Tonight is the Harvest Moon in the sign of Pisces.

All my dreamy and deep feeling Pisces babies, this is your moon.
For the rest of us, Pisces energy is a time to dig into those
hidden place inside. Like the darkest reaches of the ocean
that sunlight never reaches.

There is a beauty in the dark; A wisdom that
lies within that wants to come out. Open your heart,
allow it to swim out of you.

Now, my friends the sun is setting in the west. The
bright moon will be up. I feel the calling to sit outside
and bask in the moonlight.

Don't forget the energy of the moon lasts for another night.
Revel in it tonight and Friday.

I'm going to leave you with Cassandra Wilson's version
of Neil Young's Harvest Moon.


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