Friday, June 28, 2013

Mercury Retrograde

Happy Friday, my friends.

I find it interesting with all the recent court
rulings, the filibuster in Texas and Paula Deen
that communication in many forms has been dominating the news.
What makes all of this more fascinating is that in astrological terms we are
in Mercury Retrograde. If your wondering what the heck that is,
let me explain.

The planet Mercury is named after the old Greek god Mercury.
Mercury's domain include communication, travel and business. Communication
encompasses also things that help you communicate: computers, cell,
tablets, mail etc. Thrice in a year the planet appears
to go backwards. When this happens..well things can go haywire.

My boss at my old job and I use to take note when it came around. Sure
enough, when Mercury retrograde came in: I find glitches all around.
Delays in the subway, printer not working, shows running late with cast members
not coming on time, tempers being short. I can go on and on. I think
you get the point.

The dates left for Mercury Retrograde in 2013 are from June 26th - July 20th
and October 21 - Nov 10. Also be aware the two weeks before and after
can get wonky as well. Now, you may or not believe me. I ask that you keep an open mind.
Observe and see.

The best way to flow through Mercury Retrograde that has worked for me is:

* Give yourself extra time with travel plans.
* Be mindful of your words. What you say and think.
* Back up your computers or any electronic device that you use.
(My laptop died a week ago. I recently got another one.)
* Decide to take a relaxed approach to any unexpected surprises that
come up.
* Take to time to make plans instead of acting on them.
* Double check any invites or outings you are going on for the correct
time, day, etc.

If anyone has any Mercury Retrograde stories to share,
please do so in the comments. Wishing you a wonderful and
easy going weekend. See you right back here on Monday.



Judy Hartman said...

Hi Shell,
Well, I'm glad that our upcoming trip to Greece is not in either of those time periods!
Hope all is well with you and your family, Shell!

Tracy said...

Extra time all in all... during the time, it's must! ;o) I'm learning to go with the flow more in Retrograde times. Happy Days, Shell ((HUGS)) P.S. I'm soon closing my PranaLight blog, but in the process of creating a new online place to be/share...more soon!

Victoria said...

Fabulous post on M-R...awesome as always!
Hope you are enjoying your summer kindred!
HUgs and blessings

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