My Birthday

Woo hoo. It's that time again.
It's amazing how every year I get super excited
about my birthday. Doesn't matter what I do
on my birthday, I'm always filled with happiness.

(This is a picture of my mom and me. I'm 2 months
old here. She is also Aquarius.)

I'm wishing all my fellow Aquarians, Happy Birthday.
Now, I'm waving my special Birthday wand with pink
and blue glitter on it to send a bit of my
birthday magic to all of you. Whoosh.
Now in honor of my birthday,do something fun for
yourself. Yes, I know it's Thursday. Who says
you have to wait for the weekend to have fun!!!

I'll see you all right back here on Saturday
for some Full Moon magic.



Victoria said...

Yay Happy Birthday Shell..wishing you a magical year full of blessings and beauty and love! Wonderful picture of you sweet!
Hugs and Blessings!

Sweetina said...

Have a Magical Birthday Shell!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday wishes belated, Shell! Wishing you a year of beauty and dreams come true. :o) ((HUGS))

Robert Alvarez said...

Michelle, thank you for such a great post! I just read this a few minutes ago, but today I shall do something especially special for myself, and on Sunday I shall pour on the Energy of my Natal Moon-Sign Aquarius and do something extra special for you, too!

Suzie Ridler said...

Shell, I am so sorry I am a day late! Did you get my message via FB? You were the cutest baby ever and look at how happy your mom is! I love that. Brightest birthday blessing to you my friend. I hope your birthday was fantastic. Hugs!

Lovey said...

Happy belated.....we are both January babes...