Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dreams and Hula Hooping

Happy Thursday, my friends.

How are all your New Year resolutions and
dreams going? I hope whatever they are, you
are sticking to it. If you have
fallen off the wagon. You can always
start again today. Yep. Right now.

There are other great times to start
a new way life for yourself: the beginning
of a the month, on a new moon, the start
of a new season and especially your birthday.

Am I sticking to my new year's dreams?
I sure am. I got the bright idea to get
a hula hoop to exercise. The funny thing is
as a kid I was terrible at hula hooping.
It has been fun and I slowly getting the
hang of it. And eating these normal sized
portions is getting easier.

I'm cheering you on with your new year's dreams
for 2013. If you like to share what they
are in the comments, I love to hear them.
I will let you all know how I'm doing with


1 comment:

Judy Hartman said...

Good for you, Shell, finding a new and fun way to exercise! I have promised myself to lose weight this year, but thus far have not been successful. Your idea of smaller portions sounds sensible and my choice of exercise is walking! I will let you know how things are going and look forward to reading about your success!

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