Jimi, Jimi, Jimi

Ah..Jimi Hendrix. How can I count the ways
that I adore you. Today is Jimi's birthday.

I first got into Jimi's music at the time
I was starting acting school at Lee Strasberg
Theater Institute. I studied method acting,
so it all about opening up us and letting
ourselves feel free. Jimi's music helped
me on that journey.

Over the years, Jimi has stayed an important
part of my life. No better moment of this
came in one of the bleakest times of my life.

My friend Sean had died unexpectedly. My boyfriend
(now husband) also named Sean suggested I go to
grief counseling. I resisted at first,I finally
went knowing that I needed help.

I enjoyed the group sessions, still it was painful
for me. One cold Thursday night after a group session,
I walked down to Electric Lady Studios which was a
couple of blocks away. I always loved going there
because it made me feel close to Jimi.

That night, I was feeling low. I was angry and hurt
about everything. I missed my friend Sean deeply.
I put my hand on the wall of the studio, I talked to Jimi.
Poured out how I felt and I wished that I could have a sign
that I was going to get better. That I could one day
not hurt so much.

Still dejected, I walked to get on the six train. I came
down the stairs and paid my fare. I got on the platform,
there was Jimi Hendrix!

He was packing his stuff up. No one seemed to notice
except for me. I stared. He saw and gave me this big
smile. I laughed and smiled back. Then my train came, I
took another look and he waved at me.

I sat down. Totally blown away about seeing Jimi. Of course,
it wasn't Jimi Hendrix, right? He was dead. Then I remembered
my boyfriend Sean sharing he saw a guy who looked
and sounded like Jimi playing in the subway.

Seeing the looklike Jimi, made me feel like the real
Jimi Hendrix had heard me. That my creator through Jimi
gave me the sign that I asked for. Riding
home on that train, I knew I was on that right track.
One day, I heal my grief and make peace losing my
friend Sean. (Which I eventually did.)

Thank you Jimi for the music and the love.
For reaching out beyond time and space, to
help me on a cold Autumn night.


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