Harvest Moon

Tonight is The Harvest Full Moon, my friends.
It's a special moon for me because it's in
the sign of Aries which is my moon sign.

All my fellow sun and moon sign Aries, this
is our moon. If you don't know what your moon
sign is, click here to find out.

For everyone else, you can still use the energy
of this Full Moon for your own good. Aries energy
to me is passionate, courageous, action orientated.
It's has a Go for it energy. Whatever or whomever is
holding you back, break those chains and go
for what you truly desire.

Something which I was reminded about today is this. We are
energy in a body. If you are experiencing conflict in
any area of your life, remember that whatever it is
you can change it. You can refocus your thoughts and
actions to attract more of what you really want. It
can be challenging, but it can be done.

Before I go, I want to share a soulful freebie that
I created for my Spirit business. I was inspired
to create this and upcoming things that are in
the works by The Business Goddess E-course that
is starting again on October 1st being run by Leonie Dawson.
I can only say that if you want to get clear with your
business ideas and your life. Go take this course.
It helped me a lot and still is.

I'm wishing all of you a beautiful Harvest Full Moon



Tracy said...

Happy Harvest Moon, Shell! This is one of my favorite moon times. :o) Beautiful advice, as is your freebie--thank you for that. Best Wishes as you continue to grow your Spirit Business. ((HUGS))

Victoria said...

Such a beautiful post Shell..always magical visiting you and your wisdom! Blessings of Autumn..the Harvest Moon energies and Happy October!

Anne said...

Hello,Shell, Dear! I've come to your lovely blog from Vanessa's Halloween Party blog roll...
It's so nice to "meet" you! ♥♥
I'm looking forward to the celebration! (Now following you, as well!)