For about six months, I have been eyeing Leonie Dawson's
Goddess Circle.

Finally, I took the plunge about two weeks ago.
The Goddess Circle offers a plethora of e-courses, meditations,
workbooks, videos and all that lovely interaction in the Goddess circles.
It has been a blast.

I've been diving into The Business Goddess E-course. This week,
I'm finally started a mailing list for my two websites: acting and tarot. Ideas
for free content and e-books swirl around my Aquarian brain.

I've haven't even scratched the surface of all the other e-courses.
Leonie is offering all of this for $99. The rate will double after
July 3rd. If you've been needing a boost of creativity, ingenuity
and delight. Go check out The Goddess Circle. It is the best $99 dollars
I have ever spent.

And, also wishing a Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian
friends. I love Canada!


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Tracy said...

HOORAY, Shell--very exciting! I will be curious to hear how it all goes for you. I've been circling Leonie's Circle for a bit too, I have spent money on 4 courses this years, so that's why been stalling me... to spend more, or not?! LOL... So glad this was the nudge you needed to make some new starts. Wishing you all the best for your creative and spirit business.:o) ((HUGS))