It's funny when an actor you never met in real life
passes, you still feel connection to them through
their work.

I became a fan of Andy Griffith with his show
"Matlock" when it first aired. It was and still is one of
my favorite mystery shows. Whenever the reruns come on, I watch it
faithfully. Andy's Ben Matlock played that Southern
boy charm to the hilt. You always knew no matter what
Matlock was going to get the killer. He did in his
own unique way.

When I found Matlock on DVD at my local library, I
was so happy. The first three months of Jacob being
home. I watched Matlock which helped keep this new
mom balanced.

Andy Griffith has done a wide variety of roles in
movies and film. Every one has their favorite Andy role.
For me it's Matlock.

Andy, may the angels fly you home. Thank you for all
these great memories you gave in all your roles.


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