September Affair

Happy Friday.

To kick off Memorial day weekend, I have
a movie suggestion for my classic romantic
movie fans out there.

September Affair (1950) starring Joan Fontaine
And Joseph Cotten.

Joan Fontaine is Manina Stewart, a talented
pianist. Manina is on her first trip back to America
after years abroad. On the plane leaving Italy
She meets engineer David Lawrence played by
the dreamy Joseph Cotten. The plane has to
make a emergency repair in Capri. The two decide
On a whim to see Capri for a few hours while
the plane is being fixed.

Manina and David connect in those few hours.
Returning back to the airport, they find their plane
left without them. They decide to spend a few
Days in Capri as friends enjoying the country side.

Manina and David are now falling in love.
Manina decides they must return to their lives:
her upcoming concert tour and his troubled marriage.
As they make arrangements to go home, they find
The plane they missed crashed and left no survivors.
Everyone they know thinks they are dead. Do they
return home to their lives or start a new
life together?

I could tell you. It’s better if you watch this
gem of a movie yourself. Joan Fontaine and Joseph
Cotten are wonderful together. I have to admit if
Joseph Cotten wanted me to run away with him I
be somewhat tempted. A lovely performance by Jessica Tandy,
as Joseph Cotten’s wife. I’ve never seen her that young
and she lights up the scenes she is in.

Best of all, You can watch September Affair
on Netflix or Youtube.

If you have any romantic movie suggestions for me, share in
comments below. I’m always on the look out for classic movies
I’ve never seen.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend.


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