Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Full Moon Friday. Tonight is the moon in Libra.
All my Libra sun and moon babies, this is your Moon.
So enjoy and soak in all those moon beams. Of course,
the rest of us can still enjoy this Full Moon.

Libra is always associated with balance. As the picture
above shows The Libra lady holding the scales. Libra
is also ruled by the planet Venus. Venus kisses Libra
with beauty, love and frolicing fun. (Frolicing fun can
mean whatever you wish it to be.)

This is our first Spring Moon. Light a candle. Ponder
all the beauty you have in your life. If you dont have
enough beauty in your life, invite it in.
Wear, Think, Be, Do Beauty. Of course, beauty is more than
skin deep, my fellow Dreamers.

I will be lighting a big, thick Pink candle
on my altar. And surf in some of that lovely
Libra energy.

Remember, whatever you do under The Full Moon
make it fun, authentic and safe. Wishing you
all a wonderful Friday.



Sarah said...

Ah thank you Shell! I didn't realise that my moon was about. I shall enjoy it!

Tracy said...

I have my PINK candle ready... I love full moon celebrations. Wishing you & yours a sweet long weekend, Shell :o) ((HUGS))

Her Speak said...

"If you don't have enough beauty in your life, invite it in."

LOVE!! Such luscious advice. :)

Merry Full Moon to all my sisters! <3

Suzie Ridler said...

Congrats Shell! You won the banana necklace!

Way to go! If you could send me your address again before Friday, I would really appreciate it my friend: sueridler at gmail dot com


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