Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full Moon in Virgo

The moon about to appear,
all present tonight
with their hands on their knees

It's that time again. When the
lovely Moon become ripe and full.
She glows beautifully entrancing
all that see her.

This Full Moon comes just two
weeks before Spring. It is our
last Winter Moon and this Full Moon
asks us what are planning for Spring?
What dreams, hopes, adventures or
beginnings beckon you?
As the flowers
come again and the earth wakes up,
what in you is stirring to life?

This Full Moon is in the earthy sign of
Virgo. All my Sun and Moon sign Virgos,
this is your special Moon. For the rest
of us we still bask in the energy of this
Full Moon.

*Make plans to clean out all that clutter
with Spring coming

*Schedule some pampering at a spa or even
a pedicure. (Something I seriously need to do.)

*Experiment with new recipes or buy yourself
a brand new cookbook

*Take control of your finances. Make plans to
save or get rid of debt that is weighing you down.

*Treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

As always, whatever you do. Make it fun, festive and
authentic to you.

Wishing you all a Happy Full Moon



Her Speak said...

The last full moon of winter-- where did all the time go?! She is beautiful here, shimmering over the lake. Merry full moon, Shell!

Tracy said...

Wishing you a wonderful moon-time, Shell! I can't wait to do some de-cluttering and spring cleaning now soon. And we're planning a pair of spring trips, which also feels ripe now. Happy Days...Kiss that Jacob from me ;o) ((HUGS))

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