Monday, February 27, 2012

Swan of Dreamers turns 4

Happy Monday, everyone. My sweet blog is 4 today!! Yipee.
I can't recall now when I started
reading blogs. I had this urge to jump into
this new blogging world. I worried about
what I write about? Who would read it? How
would people find me?

I have found it's in the doing that
you find all the answers. I started blogging
about what interested me. For months, I had
no comments. And on a rare day, I get one

After a while, people found me. And enjoyed
coming to Swan of Dreamers. I may not have
a thousand plus readers. What I do have is
kindred spirits who come here and share their
thoughts, love and comments with me. For
that I'm truly grateful.

If anyone is new to blogging, I say blog
with an open heart and a good spirit. Truly
what you give out, you do get back. I send
all my love to you, my wonderful and great

P.S. Keep Dreaming, Keep Doing and Remember
Dreams Do Come True.



Sarah said...

Happy blog birthday Shell! I know what you mean about it being in the doing that you find the answers. I love blogging and am so glad I decided to join in!
I saw your Downton Abbey post below-it is great isn't it? Maggie Smith is hilarious.

Cinner said...

Happy blog birthday Shell, I am glad I stumbled onto your blog and that I have gotten to know you through your posts. you have a good heart and that is what keeps me coming back. dreams do come true. thanks for reminding me of that. hugs.

Elisa Day said...

Happy birthday to you blog! I read you blog because I always get so inspired about the things you write.

Laurel said...

Hi Beautiful Shell. Wanted to pop over and say Hi! I miss you!
Happy 4!
Grateful you are out there my Friend !

Natural Mothers Network said...

I couldn't agree with you more about blogging with an open heart and a good spirit, that truly
what you give out, you do get back. You rock and happy blogday! Rebecca @ Natural Mothers Network

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