Happy Autumn

I know I'm a day late. Hey, it's the
second full day of Autumn!
Can you smell the apple cinnamon
or pumpkin spice in the air?

I can't wait for when the leaves
turn beautiful colors and the long
nights come.

Thank you all for the love on
the pictures of me. I plan
on uploading some more soon.

I have a new doctor now, I
have been ordered on bed rest.
Which is a challenging when your
a person like me who likes
to go out and do stuff.

Sigh. It's all for the good
of the baby and me.

Here is a picture of my Autumn
Altar to celebrate the new season:

I have my bunnies and faerie girl in the back.
To represent the beauty and harvest feeling of Autumn:
a sunflower, pumpkin, basket and a real apple.
Candles in orange and red, along with crystals
in clear quartz and citrine.

To end this celebration of Autumn on a sweet and funny way:

A picture of my Mabel sleeping and for
this video from Puss in Boots.

Have a great first weekend of Autumn, everyone.



Her Speak said...

Weee! Love the autumn party! Your Mabel is adorable. :)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

yay Hi Shell..fabulous post..beautiful altar..just gorgeous!! Thankyou for the magic!
Hugs and sparkles

Enjoy..rest well

Carousel Dreams said...

I love your autumn offerings, and your pussy cat is too cute. You look gorgeous in your last pics...please spend this time to nurture yourself as you await your precious bundle...sending love and blessings across the ocean x

Tracy said...

Happy Autumn, Shell! Your autumn altar is beautiful... thrill to seeing all the details and magic. Very happy to see Mabel too--hello, girl! Give her a cuddle for Charlie and me. ;o) Bed rest... well, not so much fun maybe, but do be taking good care. And a plus with the rest, think of all the oldies but goodies films you can watch. Good to introduce Baby to them as soon as possible. ;o) Be well... Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mia said...

I just discovered your blog via ButtonwillowCottage and thought I'd say Hello! ;)

I'd love for you to stop by my blog! Its encouraging to find a fellow natural sister, I look forward to your future posts.

Happy Autumn indeed,