Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dreamy Thursday :Candles

Happy Dreamy Thursday. It is
one of my favorite Rainy days here
in the city. So I'm reveling in
the beautiful grayness of the day.
This week's Dreamy Thursday is on

My love affair with candles
started from two candles my mom
had in our kitchen. She had these
beautiful ivory candles in elegant
gold candle holders. My mom never
lit the candles. I asked her to
but she said she liked them for
decoration only.

I was fascinated. I decided when
I was older, I get candles to use
no matter how pretty they are.
When I graduated from college,
I began to buy candles and light them.
Candles fed my romantic nature.
As my spirituality evolved, my bond
with candles grew deeper. They
helped me to connect with The Divine deeper.

Now, having candles is a priority
in my life. I stock up when I can.
So I can always have candles to light.
I light my candles all times day and night.
Candles don't have to be just for the evening!

When I can, I buy nice candles
from Marshalls or a Bontanica shop near
me. In a pinch, I purchase small novena candles
at my local grocery for a dollar. The
candle sits on my altar and gives my
whole bedroom a beautiful glow.

Here are the list of candle colors that
I use in my prayers, ritual, mantras.

White: all purpose for whatever you need.
Blue: healing, spirit, blue sky thinking,
moon, Monday
Red: passion, love, energy, strength, Tuesday
Green: healing, fertility, money, plants/flowers,
Pink: healing, love, friendship, fertility, Friday
Yellow&Orange:wealth, sunshine, optimism, strength,
healing, Sunday, Wednesday
Black: banishing, releasing negativity, protection,
Gray/Silver: protection, dreamtime, the moon, Monday
Purple: spirit, royalty, wealth, Thursday

If you haven't lit a candle for
a while, get one over the weekend.
See how it feels. If you love to be
part of Dreamy Thursday, I'm opening
Swan of Dreamers to Guest Bloggers.
Email me at for
all the info. Wishing all of you
a very Dreamy Thursday.



Elisa Day said...

I lit alot alot of candles almost everday. Right now I have about 5 candles lit and I love the light from them.

Gloria said...

I'm a candle person to Shell. I light candles every day. I have two in the bedroom, about 3 in the dining area, 2 in the living room and I even have one in the kichen. I actually have them wherever I can put them . My studio...well there are plenty there as well as lots of lights. Your candle days are great. I never thought of them in that sense. I like the idea. Candles soothe me no matter what day it is.:) Have a wonderful evening. Light a candle for me.:)

Tracy said...

Oh, I'm a candle girl too! I light candles every day. And I use candles a lot for intentions and ritual. I really like your candle guide shared here. My love of candles began in childhood too. There were candles lit at the dinner table every night during my growing up--no matter how simple the food, there was always candles. And I continue this little ritual in my house--every evening, every dinner time with my husband, we light candles. :o) Lovely post, Shell! I'm buying some purple candles with Ostara and spirit in mind this weekend. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Dear Shell,
Growing up the only time candles were lit were on the top of birthday cakes or at Christmas.
Me, I love candles and like you light them at all times of the day and all the seasons. I like to buy the unscented ones and add a few drops of essential oil. Makes me want to go light a candle right now!
Love all the graphics ~

Cinner said...

I love candles Shell. I don't think anyone can ever have enough. I like your rituals you do with the candles, loved all the pics too. have a great weekend. take care.

Kim said...

So glad I found your blog! It's terrific. Candles rock & are one of the foundations in my work.

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