Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream Thought #35: Meditation

>Slice Of Chocolate Cake
"My all time favorite meditation is a small, moist
piece of chocolate cake eaten with exquisite attention
and tremendous gratitude. Any time we are fully present
in the moment we are meditating" - Joan Borysenko



Kalei's Best Friend said...

...and that is sheer heaven..

Kiki said...

Love this!

Gloria said...

Shell, when it comes to a good looking piece of cake like that, the only mediation I'd be doing is how to get that cake in my mouth. Yummmo! :) Have a great Wednesday.

koralee said...

Love this today...so perfect. xoxoxo

Tracy said...

Oh, that's good... the quote and the cake! I could just dive into the cake right now... ;o) Happy Day, Shell ((HUGS))

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