Dreamy Thursday: Rainy Days

Happy Dreamy Thursday, everyone.
I haven't posted since last Friday,
a lot of adventures have been going on
that took me away for a few days.
I'm back on my favorite day: Thursday.
Today's Dreamy Thursday is my love of
Rainy Days.

For me, it started as a girl. I enjoyed
playing outside with my friends.
When rainy days came, sometimes
we play under our buildings
where we lived. There were other days,
when no one wanted to come out.

I get restless and wanted to be
outside. I pop on my bike,
and ride in the rain. The way the
skies were a beautiful gray, how the
rain felt on my skin, the fresh air
brought by the rain entranced me.

I am still hooked on rainy days.
While other people, howl and scowl at
the rain. I am happy. As I grew older,
the Rain captured my imagination deeper.

I could take a walk in the rain to
feel my thoughts;or, stay in to gaze
at the dreamy dark sky. The rain brings
solitude, peace and creativity to me.
If it rains on my birthday, even better.
To me it's a sign of Good luck.

Rainy Days are magical to me to.
There are some days, I feel I
can walk into another world.
Perhaps, even run into a water
faerie or two.

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Wishing you a Dreamy Thursday.



Sarah said...

It was rainy when I went to Greenwich yesterday and I was thinking how much I like the rain on my face-it was that kind of light but drenching rain. The kids at school love to go out in the rain. I have had some of my most fun days at school when it is raining!

Gloria said...

I love rainy days too. I especially love to stand in the rain and look up. When my son was small, I'd take him by the arm and say, "It's raining, lets go out side!" When we were outside I'd grab his hands and round and round we went till he used to say, "No more, ma...I'm tired. Tee Hee.
Nice post Shell. Have a great rest of the week.

Her Speak said...

I love the way rain looks on the surface of a pond or a lake--my favorite days visiting a friend's cabin were when the rain is falling early in the morning. There's a smell that you can't describe, but makes you feel like everything is alive. :)

Tracy said...

A rainy day is just so refreshing sometimes... I wish some rain would come and wash ALL this snow away.! ;o) Enjoy your current adventures & more, Shell... Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Cinner said...

Great post, sometimes in the summer if it starts to rain I just stay in the yard and feel the rain pouring down. we used to do rain dances to on the farm as children when it started to rain, and as kids we really thought we had accomplished something if it rained for a couple of days. loved all the beautiful pictures. have a great weekend. hugs

mxtodis123 said...

Wanted to drop by and thank you for your kind words on my blog. We're having a wonderful rainy day here in the city...even better because I took the day off.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I love rainy days too Girl. You just made me think about some good old days with your magical words. You know you can paint a picture with your words. Hope that you get to dress up this spring with some funky rain gear and have some fun in the rain.
Thanks for coming by. Have a great weekend.