Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dreamy Thursday: Victoria Magazine

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes and love.
I had a wonderful Birthday! I went to see The King's
Speech on my day. Excellent movie. If you haven't seen it,
I highly recommend it.

Today is Thursday, my favorite day. This means it's
Dreamy Thursday here at Swan of Dreamers.

Last night I was mulling over what should I write
about for Dreamy Thursday. I had a lot of ideas.
Then it was staring me in the face. At my bedside,
I had stack of older issues that I am re-reading
of one of my favorite magazines: Victoria.

If you know Victoria, then you understand
why I'm devoted to this beautiful magazine. I
found Victoria Magazine in late of 1997 at my
local stationery store. From that first issue,
I was entrance by the beauty, elegance and
well written articles in it. Victoria is chock
full with homes, fashion, books, entrepreneurs,
food, travel, artists-in-residence and so much

When Victoria closed down in 2003, it felt like
an old friend had left me. Victoria knew my
romantic soul like no other. Then in 2008, she
came roaring back to life which left me and
so many other fans cheering.

I've been rereading my January issues from
the past to the recent one I got today.
Please go on over to Victoria Magazine
and check it out. Maybe, even try a free trial issue.
You will not be disappointed. I scanned a few images
for all of you from January-February issues from 2001-now.

Are there special things, place, people, etc that
give you that dreamy feeling? Would you love to share it
with others? I'm opening up Swan of Dreamers for Guest Bloggers.
Please e-mail me at for all info.
I love to have you here.

Have a Beautiful and Dreamy Thursday.



Sarah said...

Oh I missed it sorry! Happy late birthday though! And happy dreamy Thursday. Victoria magazine looks lovely. I think visiting art galleries and losing myself in the work there is something that makes me feel dreamy. Also anything realted to nature.

Gloria said...

Sounds like a great magazine. Happy dreaming to you. As for me, I to lose myself in an art gallery or at art shows. It's like I walk out of my body and into whatever painting I am looking at. :) Have a great rest of the week Shell.

Caroline said...

My Mom loves this magazine! I remember looking through it and wanting to run away to England :) I love the photos...dreamy is right! You know what is funny? Thursday is my favorite day too!

Tracy said...

Oh, I love Victoria magazine, always have! It was a sad time when they stopped some years ago, but so glad when it was revived. It's like nothing else for dreamy loveliness...*sigh*... My Mom saves me issues, as I can't get the magazine here, and too pricey to subscribe to overseas. ;o) Happy Weekend, Shell ((HUGS))

Suzie Ridler said...

I apologize for missing your birthday my dear sweet friend! I hope you had a fantastic one fellow Aquarius and I totally agree, I HEART Victoria deeply too. My mom said she was going to get me a subscription for my birthday. Woohoo! I've been collecting them for so long too and when they disappeared I was crushed. So glad they are back for romantics like you and me.

Her Speak said...

Beautiful! If you like Victoria you might also like Lonny Mag if you haven't already seen it. They have a 'page turning' copy of their issues on their website--I love perusing it with coffee while the house is quiet. :)

And Happy belated Birthday dear! I hope all your best birthday wishes come true! :)

Much Joy~*

Magaly Guerrero said...

Happy belated birthday!

Dreamy feelings... Chopin's Op. 69, No. 1, Cornela Funke's Inkheart, daisies that grow on the side of barren roads, the adoring look in my Piano Man's eyes when I know I look like a royal mess, thunderstorms, OLD BOOKS (those that smell their age), so many things... I think those dresses from Victoria made feel quite dreaming too ;-)

Laurel said...

Hi sweetie! Happy belated birthday. I'm not up to my old self these days and I'm so sad I missed the day. Hopefully you know I love knowing you and feel connected to . I hope your day was a fab as you are and maybe just maybe we will meet sometime this year!
Huge hug friend.

Ps magazine is gorge!

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