Dreamy Thursday : StyleLikeU

YAY!! It's Thursday. Happy Thursday. That means
it's Dreamy Thursday.

I celebrate things, people, places..whatever that
makes me feel dreamy, inspired and juiced up.

One of my favorite places online is Stylelikeu
I'm quite mad for this place. Basically they are videos
of regular people talking about their own personal style.
What's so cool about it is the styles range from glam to
vintage to boho to minimalism and everything in between.
Showcases women and men of all ages, races, background.

It's a delightful place. It inspired me to think about
my own personal style and how it reflects me. My style is
what I call Romantic Gypsy. I love long flowing skirts,
gypsy earrings, scarves, shawls, granny boots, moccassins,
and peasant blouses.

Me just talking about Stylelikeu doesn't do it justice. So follow
the link two paragraphs above and go on over.
I know you'll be just as fascinated as I am.
You may even find your style twin there as well.

Here is one for you to watch now. A sistah named Elfee
whose style I loved.

Elfee Duquette for stylelikeu.com

Do you have something special that give you that super Dreamy
feeling? Love to share it with others. Contact me at Jettswan@gmail.com
to do a guest post here for Dreamy Thursday.
I love to have you here.



Sarah said...

This sounds like a good site and I will have a look tomorrow as it is late now and I should be in bed!
Have you seen this site? It is interiors of all sorts of people photographed in quite an honest way-I love having a look at how people choose to arrange the spaces they live in.

koralee said...

Off to follow that link right now...sounds like fun! Thank you so much

Happy friday to you! xoxoxo

Laurel said...

What a sweet girl! Darling. Hmmmm. What's my style. I guess I march to my own drum. I love fashion . My fashion choices get braver for sure the older I get!
By 70- look out world!
Love love love and hugs .

Tracy said...

Oh, wow... that Stylelikeu is ADDICTIVE to look at...LOL! Very fun! Love the Elfee video--she's got some great style. My own style... I'm a bit of a modern day Audrey Hepburn I'd say--classics in my closet jazzed with more current accessories. I'm not a fashion hound, so I don't go for buying a new wardrobe each season, so classic styles suit me. Great post, Shell! Sorry slow to visit. I've been under the weather--sniffles again...*sigh*... Happy Weekend ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by my place, if you can, during the weekend–I’m having a fun Valentine Giveaway!

Cinner said...

Thanks for the link Shell, I will have to go have a look. Romantic ecclectic could be me. Be well my friend.