Monday, December 13, 2010


I had all these cool post ideas. It didn't feel right. I looked
at my altar where Yemanya sat for one of my cards of the day. She
said why don't write about me. I said of course. When a Goddess
suggest you write about her, you really should.

Yemanya is my Goddess of the day. I always smile when I see
this beautiful African Goddess. To me is she is a Mother
full of healing, love and magic. As my mentor who I call
Obi Wan says, she is the Mother Goddess of the Ocean.
Today is her one of her sacred days.

This image of her comes from Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance
Oracle Deck.

Beyond the words on the card. I feel Yemanya says Be ready
to dive into your own ocean of prosperity and success.
How do you do that? Do what you can today toward your
dreams and goals. When tomorrow comes, you get a knock
for an offer of a job, interview, opportunity, you will
be ready!To me preparation is half of being successful.

I know people are starting to focus on 2011. We still have
three weeks to go in 2010. A lot can happen in three weeks.
So don't write off your 2010 dreams yet.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday.



Anonymous said...

I love Doreen Virtue's cards. I have her angel cards and love them.
I am trying to stay in the present and not look too far ahead into the future. You are so right, and awful lot can happen in three weeks. I hope all your dreams for 2010 have come true my friend.

Cinner said...

It is so true, 3 more weeks, anything and everything is possible. hugs to you my friend. have a great day.

Gloria said...

I love your Godess of the day. Wow, I just can't believe that this year is just about over. Where has it gone. I have to sit down and do my list of what I did this year and then my list of things to do for next year. My my. Happy Holidays Shell, take care.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really miss you guys, I've been away for some time, but I think I'm back now.

Have a great day!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I can't even BEGIN to think about 2011. I still have to much to accomplish in 2010!

Beautiful illustration on the card!~

Anishinaabekwe said...

I used to have the Goddess deck but I gave it away. I have two decks by Colette Baron-Reid. I love her cards!

I hope you had a great Monday and now have a great rest of the week! Cheers!!!

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