One Way Passage

Happy Monday. I'm now on my third day of no cable television.
I'm getting use to it. I have more time to spend on creative
projects which is wonderful. My Aquarian brain is bubbling
with ideas.

I found this trailer two weeks ago and meant to post. It's
the trailer for one of my favorites: One Way Passage
(1931). I also adore the remake as well, Till We Meet

The story is simple a dying woman and escaped convict
sentenced to death meet on a cruise. Oh, so simple and
beautiful as well.

Why I love the original more is because of William Powell.
He was my uncle's favorite and has become one of mine
and Anakin's as well.

To me no one can do smooth, debonair and witty as good
as William Powell in the 30's and 40's.
I have to do a post dedicated to him

I know One Way Passage is on DVD, which is on my list
to get. If you can rent it or catch it on TCM, it is
worth it.



Anonymous said...

Love William Powell. I have several of The Thin Man movies he did with Myrna Loy (love her too). I like reading about these old time actors. He was married to Carole Lombard and was engaged to Jean Harlow up until her death.
Have a great evening!

Gloria said...

I like William Powell as well. It's been a while since I one of his oldies but goodies. Just stopped to say hello and wish you a great Tuesday. Take care. Oh, I almost forgot, I wish I could get my hubby to disconnect the cable.

Laurel said...

OMG!! Kevin and I were HUGE thin man fan....loved them all...thanks for triggering that sweet memory , my wonderful Shell.
Love U.

Tracy said...

William Powell... another old but goodie, Shell! ;o) I saw that film you mention a looong time ago--it was so good, love the story! We don't even have cable, and hardly ever watch TV. But we do love a film on the weekends. I find life more richer without sitting in front of the Box every night... LOL! We travel to the US on Friday to be with family for Thanksgiving and celebrate birthdays--very excited! I hope to post/visit around more before we leave. Happy Days ((HUGS))