Thursday, September 30, 2010

Believe in the Beauty of Yourself

As the last three months come for 2010.
October signals the beginnings of holidays
and festivals to last till the end of the year.
The hours of sunlight begin to wane as well.

I feel Autumn is a good time to strengthen
your inner self. Particularly your intuition.
Following mine has been an invaluable asset
to me. Of course, sometimes I can be hard
headed and ignore my intuition; or some lessons
need to be learned regardless.

These are small things you can do throughout
your day to connect to yourself and your life
in a deeper way.

1) Take at least ten minutes to zone out.
You can mediate, listen to music, cook or
even take a bath. Let your mind be free to
roam. You can listen to your thoughts, don't
attach to them. Let them float like clouds
in the sky. You'll be surprised at insights
that come when your mind is quiet.

2) Be aware of your feelings. If during the day,
you get certain feelings about people or projects,
write them down; File them in your mind to be looked
at again. Most of the times we get a feeling about
that crooked friend, betraying family member, shaky
deal way in advance. We ignore it as pure fancy
or our imagination. Don't ignore or bury your feelings.
Your feelings are indicators of deeper currents
going on around you.

3) Pay attention to your life. If you keep running
into what I call the same person or situation with
a different name. There is a problem you need to solve.
A question you need to answer for yourself. The answer
lies in paying attention to what you are doing, thinking
or reacting to.

4) Strengthen your spiritual side. Notice I didn't say
religion. We all need to believe we are not alone, we
are loved and protected. Find moments to pray, talk
to your Divinity or read uplifting books. Faith
is what keeps the glue together when darker moments
can engulf us.

5) Deepen your trust in yourself. You are remarkable.
You are made out of the same thing as the sun, stars
and moon. We forget that and put our trust in other
people. Trust whatever happens you will find a way
to flourish and grow. Trust that you are ingenious and
creative. Trust that all the solutions lie within. You
are the heroine/hero of your own story.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday.



Anonymous said...

Hi Shell,
I can't believe 2010 is almost over ~ where the heck did this year go? As usual I have so many things I didn't do that I wanted to do this year! Maybe there's still time ~
I enjoyed your post today!!
Happy Autumn!

Kiki said...

Shell...such a super beautiful post..we are such kindreds..I love your inspiring energy and gorgeous add sparkles of empowerment wherever you go..

Have a sparkling wkd ahead!

Laurel said...

What a great post. I love 3- I teel my single friends...figure it out. Or he will just show up again...same guy, different pants.
Love to you , Happy weekend.

Cinner said...

Shell, I don't know what happened to the year either, poof. I do like your post and all the wisdom here. also thank you for the wonderful advice you gave me. I am recommitting to my goal every day. i hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Tracy said...

Great guidelines & encouragement, Shell! I find autumn is a great sesason to carve out a little extra time for myself and spiritual growth--to go a little more inward, ask questions, see how I can better be bringing forth my inner truth. And it is amazing how quick this last part of the year goes! Happy Days ((HUGS))

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