Friday, August 13, 2010

Lucky Day

I love Friday the 13th. I always feel like
it's an extra lucky day. Which is totally
opposite of the superstition surrounding this

It made me think of the concept of Luck.
Is being Lucky a state of mind? Or are some
people just kissed with good luck or bad luck?

For me, some days just feel Lucky. I wake
up and feel like everything is going to go
my way. Other days, when I feel like I woke
up on the wrong side of the bed. I do my best
to attract more luck my way.

This is what I do. If you have any tips you
make yourself more, lucky. I love to hear.

My Good Luck Tips

1) I say in the morning and in the afternoon,
"I am open and receptive to any and all
prosperous good that come my way."

2) I wear a color in a shirt, necklace,
bracelet or a burn a candle in things I wish
to have more luck in:
Creative success: gold, yellow, orange.
Financial good: green, gold.
Strengthening love: pink, red, blue.
Better Health : green, red, pink.

3) I do a favorite activity that makes
me happy for at least 30 minutes.

4) Take at least 10 minutes with quiet
to let my mind rest and let my imagination
go free.

5) If I get any intuitive feelings I need to do
or go somewhere, I do. Most of the time
I find something just for me that I need.

6)Say thank you for all that I have right
now to the food I have in my frig, my clothes,
friends, money in the bank, etc

7) Remind myself, that I'm always Lucky in
one way or another. Just have to recognize it.

I'm wishing all of you a very Lucky Friday
and weekend.



Sarah said...

Thanks for all the lucky advice Shell. I was lucky to come here today and read them! Have a good (and lucky)weekend.

Laurel said...

Hi Sweet Shell, I love all your tips! For me the only real luck I believe is the combination of preparation meeting opportunity.
I try to work on being aware more so that I am able to see opportunity and when I miss it I try to learn from that too.
I am lucky I met you :)
Happy Weekend.

Tracy said...

LOVE your LUCKY list and advice, Shell! I've always liked Friday the 13th, and have found them to be lucky days with good things happening. Yesterday I got a great hair cut at a new place! Being open is the best way to let luck, opportunity and creativity flow. Hope your luck carries through to a great weekend! Happy Summer Days ((HUGS))

koralee said...

I LOVE the way you think my friend. Thank you so much for all the positivity today. xoxoxoxo

Cynthia said...

Shell, these are excellent steps
to take for improving one's mood.

I find color does help. Noticed that men and children especially love to see me [women/girls] in
colorful clothes or jewelry.


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