Monday, May 24, 2010

Setting your intentions

Happy Monday. A fresh new week to
dive into. One of my favorite
new activities is to set intention for my

Instead of letting the day happen.
I set in my mind what I want to happen

That doesn't mean I'm rigid about
my day. Or I force things to occur
for myself. To me it's like aligning
my personal energy to what I want
to attract to yourself today.

For example, my intention for Monday
is to be a peaceful and creative day
for me.

I have my Shell energy set on this.
Whatever comes, I know in someway the peace
and creativity I desire will weave it's way
into my day.

I believe we co-create our lives with
our Creator. Of course, there are some
events that are out of our hands. I do
feel a lot of our lives we fashion
from our minds and actions.

Try it out today or tomorrow. Set your
intention for your day. See what happens.
Let me know how it goes.



Sarah said...

I think that on some days I do this and those are the days that can go the best. Though I don't think I am that relaxed about it, it depends on what the intention is. Or maybe I am confusing intentions with more of a to do list idea. I like the sound of it though-just think my version needs work! I hope your day went as you intended Shell.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I think to be productive you need to set your intentions.

But, if like me, you're old and tired and run down, it's nice to get up without a plan in the world and just let the day happen.

I think it's referred to as ground sluggin'.

Chrissy said...

Shell, u always post something that makes me think...I've done what u posted here and it gives me pretty good satisfaction...tho there may be misses it gives me a challenge to try and get it done.

Cinner said...

I try to do this most days, have my time first things so I can become focused on what I need to do. Sometimes it is hard with my illness, but if I don;t I can lose too much time. Have a great week, hope your day went better than you intended. take care.

Caroline said...

I shall do this first thing tomorrow morning....I will let you know how it goes! :) xo

Cheryl Lynn said...

This is really a good post. Setting goals is a great way to focus. I agree that you shouldn't be rigid, even in goal setting. There should always be room for spontaneity and flexibility.

Hope your week is going beautifully.

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