Merry Month of May

Happy Monday.

I must report that I didn't meet up
with any faeries. I still had a wonderful
Saturday; Rising early to go my local
park. Taking a seat under one of my trees
to watch the sun rise; also, witnessing
the dandelions, violets and star flowers
wake up to the sun. It was worth getting
up early.

It was a truly magical weekend. I hope
you all had a fab weekend.

Now, it's back to another brand new
week and first week of Monday! I have
all kind of ideas popping in my
Aquarius brain.

Let's start off the Merry Month of
May in Monday with some fun, shall
we. I have the card of the month up.
Here's my old friend, Bugs to
make you smile.



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

every time I see "Merry month of May.." I think of that song in Camelot. I remember standing backstage waiting for them to finish it so I could enter. That is the damned long song.

Anishinaabekwe said...

Happy Monday friend!

Here's to a great week, new ideas, success, happiness and fun! Cheers & Blessings!! :)

Tracy said...

Very fun post, Shell! The past weekend was beautiful here, so we had times outdoors too. Didn't see any fairies either... but I hoping to! Wishing you a great, creative week :o) ((HUGS))