Flower Moon

It's the Full Moon, baby.

This moon has many names. I like Flower
and Pink Moon the best. It fits with
life bursting around with in our backyards,
forests, parks, gardens and even within

We all get the urge around Spring to
go on new adventures and see what we like
to create.

It is also the Full Moon in Scorpio.
So if your sun and moon sign is in
Scorpio, this is your moon!

For the rest of us, we can use
the intense and emotional energy
of the Full Moon to kick a bad
habit, change your look to something
daring or pour out your
feelings in any creative work about
things you have kept hidden.

Happy Full Moon, everyone.



Suzie Ridler said...

Full moon in Scorpio eh? No wonder I feel like I have been run over by a truck. All my adrenalin has been spent! What a fabulous image for this post Shell. May you have a beautiful flower moon too. My friend brought me daffodils today, how perfect.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

cool pic!

enjoy the full moon ... actually, it's dragging the weird-o's out of the woodwork around here!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Happy Flower Moon to you, Shell! Beautiful pic and beautiful words to remind us to enjoy all good things. namaste

Laurel said...

Oooh hidden feeling huh...scary. I will have to take a look at creative ways to divulge. I love this post Shell, hopeful and pretty and always inspiring me to do and be better.

Lady Prism said...

* Hi Shell! How are you?

This full moon usually appears atop the profusion of jasmines in my garden every night. Flower Moon so beautifully describes it and affects me in a soothing way. The tension of the past weeks have slowly eased out... :D

Elisa Day said...

Last night I woke up in the middle of the nigth. I took a look outside and I saw the most amazing moon. It was close the horizon, big and orange. I heard somewhere that the ashclouds from Iceland can make the moon look very different for a while. It looked like a moon from a cartoon

Tracy said...

Flower Moon... it conjures up midnight garden parties and dances with fairies... LOVE the image with this post, Shell. Happy Full Moon ((HUGS))

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh she is beautiful! What a picture!!! This is me after weight watchers

koralee said...

Adore that image today...so magical! Enjoy your flower moon. xoxo

Caroline said...

I just love your full moon posts! Hope you are enjoying all the good energy this flower moon brings you ;) xo