Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emily for a Tuesday

My River runs to thee—
Blue Sea! Wilt welcome me?

My River wait reply—
Oh Sea—look graciously—

I'll fetch thee Brooks
From spotted nooks—

Say—Sea—Take Me!

- Emily Dickinson


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

this is lovely. yes girly we have to meet up in the city. when you get a chance email me at oohlaladesignstudio@gmail.com so we can do an outing in May. hopefully I'll have some stuff off my desk!

alixelena2 said...

Hey, today IS Tuesday. I cannot believe you visited my blog. And even you left a comment. Thank you. It seems difficult to get a beginning on the blogs

Laurel said...

Oh lovely! This makes me so happy. So do you Sweet Shell. I so hope our paths cross one day.

Tracy said...

Ah, Emily... *swoon*... Happy Day, Shell :o)

Anonymous said...

I was not familiar with this poem of Emily's. I love sea poems, in keep a little notebook so when I come across one I jot it down. Thank you for this.

Christina said...

this is just as lovely, on this tuesday. ; )

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