Friday, March 5, 2010

Perfection is boring

Yesterday was a tough day for me.
I surf in waves of optimism, sometimes
when you hear someone talk about parts of
your life back to you. It doesn't sound
as good. In fact, it made me depressed.
I came home and crawled into bed.
I brooded, cried and sunk in to
waves of woe is me.

Then, after a couple of hours
of this. I got up, listened
to music and danced. Then I did
action steps for my Acting and
my Tarot. I felt a lot better.

I woke up today, still a bit
raw..yet feeling some of my
optimism return. There are parts
of my life that don't shine as
well as I like. Hey, that is life
sometimes. No one is perfect.
As my acting teacher Hope would
say, perfection is boring.

I'm wishing all of you a beautiful



Anonymous said...

This is just my opinion but.....
People who are obsessed with being "perfect" turn out to be control freaks & because control is nothing but a mind game they become miserable people. I had a member of my family like this....
No one, but no one can say they haven't done or said something they regret but we have to forgive ourselves & move on.
Be yourself.....Be unpredictable...Be fun loving & Live your life to the fullest!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you're perfect!

We need a better definition for perfection.

I know that pain. I inflict it on myself on a daily basis.

I hope you have lots of healing and a fun day.

Big Hugs,

Caroline said...

You know...sometimes it's good to crawl in bed and brood. Seriously. Then you get that behind you and move on. You are beautiful soul...good things await ;)

Laurel said...

One thing I know is you are perfect as you are. You are exactly as you are supposed to be and where you are supposed to be right now. Hard concept to grasp when I am in the tank. I wish you serene feelings and joy Shell.
Perfect is boring, and impossible.
Love to you Miss Shell,

Anonymous said...

Indeed perfection is boring.
Don't be so hard on yourself Shell.
We all have things in our past that our best left there and not dwelled upon. I struggle all the time with regrets of things I should have done or said. It gets me no where but feelings of guilt.
Let in go...
Sending you lots of hugs ~

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

that's why we're friends! - I'm SO not perfect! :D

Her Speak said...

So True. I overheard a relative at a family gathering say about me, "Yeah she's STARTING to get normal." I had to laugh a little laugh and think, "normal is a cycle on the washing machine, fool." :P

Here's to the beautifully imperfect, sensuous, Lover-of-Fun you are. :)

Much Joy!~*

Deborah said...

Do you know there was a recent study that says that people who are happy all the time are that way because they are selfish and don't care about other people. Well if you really think about it, it makes sense. Nothing makes me feel more down than thinking about some parts of my life. I avoid people who may make me feel bad but then I tend to be a loner anyway :) The other day I was reading a blog post about the way we are always thinking that our lives are going to be better tomorrow when this happens or that happens. The blogger said that she had a friend who was always talking about how life would be better when ------ (fill in the blank), then he died. That really made me think. Anyway I think you are perfect as you are too Shell. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Belated Pink Saturday.

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