Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Full Moon Monday

It's another rainy day here. I feel like
this mermaid in the picture.

Guess what? It's the Full Moon in Libra.
This moon has many names I like the name
Budding Trees Moon. With all the lovely
Spring energy, we are all budding again
full of new ideas and dreams we wish
to manifest.

If you have Libra in your sun and moon
sign, this is your Moon shine. For the
rest of us we can still take advantage
of this luminous Libra Moon. Libra
is linked to Venus. This Full Moon is
full of beauty, love, partnership,
friendship and creativity.

Dance, plan and dream under this vibrant
Moon. If you are busy tonight, the energy
of the Full Moon will be around
for two more nights.

Have a Beautiful Full Moon Monday.



Elisa Day said...

I love the full moon! Its lovely. We have had another snowstorm. I am dreaming of the spring. I hope you are ok

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I love full moon nights - it's wonderful to walk Dusty around the park with the moon shining brightly.

I know you love the rain ... but I'm beginning to weary of it.

Christina said...

A full moon~ and I have feeling it all weekend. : )
Isn't it just so pretty? Stop by my blog for some love, please.

Tracy said...

I was admiring the moon last night...*swoon*... Happy week, Shell :o)

Cheryl Lynn said...

The full moon is always so beautiful to behold. Aahhh, the wonders of God! Hope you are doing well, my dear. Beautiful mermaid pic.

Have a great day!

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