A Walk With Love and Death

Thank you all for your wishes
on me getting well soon. I'm
still not well yet. I'm on the

Last week on The Fox Movie
channel, I saw: A Walk with
Love and Death
directed by John
Huston in 1969.What drew me to the film,
it marks the film debut of Anjelica
Huston. Who was only 17 years old at
the time. I'm always fascinated to
see an actor's film debut. Even though
it's her first effort, you can see
the flashes of the strong Academy Award
winning actor she would become.

The film is set in France during
Hundred Years war. A student
named Heron (Assi Dayan) wants
to see the Sea. The tide of war
brings him to a chance encounter
to a noblewoman named Claudia
(Anjelica Huston). Under the
constant threat of war, their
love blooms.

Here is a trailer for you. Enjoy.
I'll be back on Sunday for my
400th post.



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I have never even HEARD of this film. I'm off to search it out right now - thanks for the heads up.

As for you, get the heck well soon!!!!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hope you are doing better Shell. Sending hugs and get well vibes your way. Lots of nasty stuff going around.
I'll have to check out this film. Have never heard of it.

Laurel said...

Oh Sweetness! I am so so sorry you are sick. I have been spotty on posting and visiting. I am sorry my well wishes are tardy!
Nothing worse than stomache flu. UGH.
I wish I could bring you some toast, tea and a hug.
Know I am wishing you well from here.
Love Laurel

Javajune said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. unfortunately I haven't had as much blogging time lately and didn't know. I'm sending my well wishes and hugs to you. i've never heard of this movie but it sounds intriguing.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I have never heard of this wonderfulness,but I need to find it and quick! Stay in your very nice and warm place today! To much snow!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shell,
I am sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I know you have been having tons of snow too. It seems Winter will never end. My Dad lives in Delaware and he says it has been one snow storm after another.
I look forward to reading your 400the post!!
Hope you feel better soon!

オテモヤン said...
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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

There is so much snow at my front door I can't even see my stairs, but I know they're there. LOL!!!! Hope that you are having munchies and movies and staying nice and warm and dry.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hi :)

I'm getting a "Romeo & Juliet" feel, I'm very intrigued...I might have to check this one out :) Thanks for stopping by, have a nice weekend :)

Jessica Eleven -- Consciously Birthing said...

Oh sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I too just got a nasty bug on Tuesday. Food is so good but can be so bad to you LOL.

But I wanted to let you know you're brilliant hun! Big things are definitely coming for you soon! Just hang in there and expect to see your breakthrough soon enough!!

Clarity said...

Dear Shell,

Just saw your last post. I hope you feel better soon and it is a testament to your kindness that you posted that regardless.

I never knew of the title of this film until you mentioned it, how do you find these obscurities? Delicious.

I did see a documentary with Huston (great Director) and they showed a clip of him directing Anjelica, even down to the pause, the glance, the raising of the eyes. It was like watching them dance.