Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

It's a Snow Day! Remember as a kid it
was like Christmas. I feel Snow Days can
be the same as an adult.

I had errands to do earlier which meant
me braving the snow. I did feel
like I was Luke Skywalker on the ice
planet Hoth. It is beautiful out there.
The quiet in the streets, the pure white
of the snow. The mist that came in and
out gave outside an otherworldly feel to it.

Now, I'm snug in my place. I'm going to
stay in and do fun Snow days activities.

Here are fun things to do:

Bake cookies

Make hot chocolate from scratch

Take naps

Run outside for 15 minutes to write
messages in the snow. I did, I wrote Love

Watch your favorite movies

Catch up on your reading

Write or play in your journals

Make lists of dream places, meals
and people you like to experience

Paint your nails or color your hair

Begin the first pages of your novel
idea running around in your head

Enjoy your Snow Day. Most importantly,
have fun.



Clarity said...

Your day seems LOVELY. I got mushy just reading it.

I adore falling snow, mesmerising.

Anonymous said...

Extreme snow here in norteast Pa...
Good day to watch TV and knit!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

We have it too - I'm about 80 minutes from you in CT.

Your list of things to do in the snow pretty much mirrors mine - except the grooming stuff.

I'm anti grooming :P

vchelle said...

Oh I remember those snow days. We played Monopoly and put on talent shows in PA. Those were the days! Your day is just perfect just as your spirit is!

Elisa Day said...

We have alot of snow days here. I will check out your list

Tracy said...

Hope you had a wonderful day snowed-in, Shell... I love your snowy day to-do list! :o) And wishing you a sweet Valentine weekend ahead :o) ((HUGS))

Cheryl Lynn said...

My snow day was yesterday in Metro Detroit. Schools were closed so I was at home all day! Yay me!

Your day sounds like it was positively wonderful. Mine was restful and full of creative thought patterns waiting to be turned into reality.

Love you much. Have a great evening.

Laurel said...

Oh Sweetie! What a lovely post! You are the most positive ray of sunshine. You must melt the snow:) Writing LOVE in the snow is precious. You bring love everywhere you go.
I am glad you bring love my way.
Happy Vaentines Weekend Sweet Dreamer Shell-you are loved.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! THanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you liked the cameo chocolates...they sure were fun (but tedious) to make.

I'm all ABOUT snow days. However, we don't get many of them in Texas. I really liked your romantic movie list, too, by the way.

Bye bye!

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