The Goldmine in your mind

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fab weekend.

Last night, after a wonderful dinner. Thank you, Anakin!
I was writing in my notebook that I have set aside for
my goals for 2010 and my ideas.

A tumble of ideas were coming out of me. Some
of them even surprising to me. I wrote them down.
I plan on working on three of my ideas today.

We are all full of ideas. Most of the time we swat
our ideas away as being: impractical, unrealistic,
too hard, no one one will like it, etc. The list
goes on and on.

Here is another way to look at your ideas.
Look at them as a goldmine! Your ideas
can bring you peace, fun, creativity,
financial stability, freedom, etc. Your
ideas can bring all of this and more.
Everything we see watch, wear, use, buy,
eat started as an idea in a person's head.

Treasure your ideas. Follow your ideas.
Make a plan this week to take an idea of
yours and make in real. See what happens.

If one idea, doesn't work. Do another one.
An idea can change your life. Really it can.
I know.

Here are some of my Goldmine ideas:
 Put ads in Champion Studios and other
acting studios for my acting lessons.
 Expand acting lessons for non actors
to help with self-expression
Send out the rest of my acting postcards
to casting directors
Continue a working draft of my one
woman shows
Work on my online course

Some of my ideas are easy, some
may require more sweat. Never
know which idea will be the one
to put me to the next level for my


Genie Sea said...

May your goldmine be fruitful and bring you abundant joy and fulfillment. :)

Gloria said...

I hope your goldmine ideas all come to fruition. Have a great Tuesday (tomorrow). Take care.

Georgette Jones said...

I believe in the power of the mind. God gave us an imagination for a reason.

To realize your ideas, dreams and goals takes faith and courage. You are blessed, my friend, with an imaginative spirit, which I know will take you far. I wish you health, wealth, wisdom and wit - the four foundations. Tuck them firmly under your belt and soar! Good luck!

Tracy said...

Wonderful approach, Shell! I like the idea of one dream at a time...that seems more realistic than trying to make the whole bunch come true all at once. Sometime I've lately discovered is how good it is to have the "small" dreams to work on while stoking the fires for the "big" dreams. Wishing you joy along the way to all your dreams, Shell :o) ((HUGS))

Deborah said...

Great goals and ideas Shell. It is true that everything we see watch wear use buy eat started as an idea in somebody's mind. Never consciously thought of that before. Love Your bracelets below. They are really pretty.

Cheryl Lynn said...

May every aspect of your goldmine bring success and wonderous adventures to your life.

You are such an inspiration, and I'm so happy to have found your blog. Your friendship and comments has meant a lot to me over 2009 and I look forward to sharing in your visions and dreams in 2010!

God bless!