Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Day

I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope all
of you had a great holiday.

It is chilly here in the big apple.
More like the frozen apple.

The wind is whipping. I even saw a couple
of Penguins moving in next door to me.

Are all of you ready for 2010? I am.
I already starting to make plans now
for 2010.

Remember, you don't have to wait for
January 1st to start planning. Do it
today. If you don't feel like planning
now or even when the 1st come. Then
do it when you ready.

Resolutions are wonderful. It is by
the doing of what we wish to happen
daily that we make real change in
our lives.

Every day can be a fresh start.
A New Year can happen any day
you wish it to be.



Laurel said...

HI Sunshine- Happy New Year to you. I like that idea that every day is an opportunity for a fresh start. I need to think that more...I have been dwelling on some less than flattering times from my past lately -way long ago transgressions. A weird space to be in and regrets are abundant it seems today. I am going to read your post again and agin as I do with so many of your posts. They are encouraging. Love to you Sweet Friend. Thank You.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

It's cold Cold COLD here in CT, too! I have said 'to hell with global warming and my carbon footprint' and jacked the heat to 75. It's STILL cold!

I always believe in making resolutions that I can achieve, so as not to set myself up to fail. Therefore, I'm resolving to gain ten pounds, save no money, and get at least three parking tickets.

Anonymous said...

Frigid & windy in NE Pa.!! Global warming??? Are you kidding me!!!
Such a sweet post. I am looking forward to 2010 & hope it is better than 2009 for everyone.
Maybe this is the year for you to land that great roll & achieve an Oscar for your efforts!! Woo Hoo!!
Dare to Dream!!
Happy New Year!

Caroline said...

You are so right about that. Everyday is a new beginning...why wait until the New Year. I wish you much peace and happiness in 2010. XOXO

Elisa Day said...

Your blog in like a inspiration journal to me. You always write things that makes me wonder what way I should go. I have no idea at this point. Thanks for your inspiration

cinner said...

That is a great reminder. every day being an opportunity to have a fresh start/ I think you deserve an Oscar just for your smile alone. I hope all your dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shell,
I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas! It is actually pretty cold down here too (at least for us wimps!)
Here is looking to a bright and Happy New Year!
Love ya!

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