Long Night Moon


Tonight is the Full Moon in Gemini.
All you Geminis out there:This is your moon!

Even if your not a Gemini you can still
take advantage of the lovely energy of
this moon. Since Gemini is all under
the element of air, here are some
suggestions of what to do.

You can use this moon to make lists
of things you want for 2010, call up
old friends to see how they are, listen
to music that makes you feel happy
and strong, write down all those ideas
you have swimming in your head or have a
spontaneous night out.

This Full Moon has many names as all the
moons have. I like the name Long Night

This is a heads up. We have a blue moon
this year. Which means two full moons in
the same month. On Dec 31st is the next
full moon. A cool way to end the year.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!!
Happy Holidays!

cinner said...

I love the pic to go with your words, they are fabulous on your blog. Hope you are well. take care.

Laurel said...

I love all I learn from you Sweet Shell. I used my night to drag my tired bootie through target-glassy eyed crazed .
I should have read you earlier and done something lovley to honor this winter moon. It is really beautiful tonight.
love to you.

Maithri said...

How Awesome! I love full moons... and i never knew what a blue moon even was till now! ;)

Love, M

Caroline said...

Oh yay...I will do this. I saw the moon tonight...it's was orange coming over the horizon. So beautiful...

Lady Prism said...

I love that you always share this bits and pieces of magic information. I didn't know that 2 full moons is a month is called Blue Moon. I had always attributed it to something else.

That list you suggested is something I will surely do tonight! :D

Elisa Day said...

I was going to tell you that its a blue moon in december. But of course you already did know that. Take care

KathrynAntyr said...

What great suggestions for celebrating this moon. It is so cool that the blue moon will enter us into the new year. Once in a blue moon, as they say!

KathrynAntyr said...

Oh, I thought of you last night as I drew three Tarot cards. I was at my friends house for a full moon supper and she has an herbal tarot deck. Ace of cups, two of cups, two of swords -- what a spread!

Don said...

Scorpio here, but I understand the sentiment of the post. Also, love the new banner. Very pretty smile and pic.

Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
I liked reading about the moons-most interesting. I notice that children change around the time of the full moon-their behaviour goes a bit wild! I am sure there is something in it.
I have just come to leave you a link as there is a link to a give away in this post that you might be interested in!

Javajune said...

Sounds cool to me, love the pic-it's simple beautiful!

Anonymous said...

My husband is a Gemini to a T !
I need to make up a list of goals for the coming year. I know I fell quite short of anything I wanted to accomplish this year!
Love your blog header!

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Oh, I didn't realize this was a blue moon month. Thanks, Shell! Great thoughts for a full moon.

Anonymous said...