Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday and Love

I have to admit, I felt the Lady Moon. I couldn't see her last night. Too overcast. Tonight, I'm hoping to catch her. I did do some wishing, dreaming and listening to big band/swing music to celebrate the Joyful Moon.

Just a reminder to all who share your love and thoughts with me here, it is greatly appreciated. I enjoy reading all your comments. If I don't get back to you individually, know I'm always going to be popping up at your blogs. (You never know when my smiling face will appear.) If you have been lurking for a while, I like to hear from you too. I don't bite unless you were made out of solid chocolate which I'm sure your not.(Who can resist solid chocolate? I sure can't.)

Guess what it's my favorite day: Thursday! You all know I love Thursdays. I want to share with you one of my special bloggers. He lives half way around the world from me,is a doctor, an humanitarian and sings like an angel. Did I mention he is handsome too? Now I know some of you know him already, if you don't you need to go over to his blog now. Yes, I'm shouting you out Maithri. Everytime he leaves a message here, I get a warm feeling in my heart and look like this:

I'm all about sharing, giving and receiving love on Swan of Dreamers. I hope today if there are special bloggers you adore, tell them how much you care. You never know how much a little bit of love could make a difference in someone's day.

I'll be back tomorrow. I have not forgotten about the video with me reading a scene from Jane Eyre. Hopefully will do it next week or sooner. As always, I hope you are daily taking time to work on your dreams.



clairedulalune said...

Happy Thursday to you! i have only recently come across your blog, but it is one of my favourites! So i am passing the love on to you!

Maithri said...

My beautiful friend,

Now I'm the one thats blushing ;)

You are full of light my sister, I felt it the first time I read your words and I've felt it every time since,

Keep shining the way only you know how,

Big love to you,


Anonymous said...

I got up this morning to see that beautiful moon still shining bright. I'm so thankful for you and your sweet comments on my posts. Can't wait to see the video. All the love right back at ya.

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