The stars and The Sweet Berry Moon

Yesterday, was a full acting day for me. Which I always love! I had to be up before dawn to get to the film shoot by seven. It was worth it. I played a police receptionist in a film called Art=(Love)2. I'm only in one scene; I am still happy to be in the film. The director and producer are pushing for it to be released on the festival circuit. My fingers are crossed. As things progress, I'll let you all know.

Then I went on IMDB and found a film I worked on two years ago is listed. It's called Playing Doctor. So the whole cast is up there except me. I contacted the director and she e-mailed me back quickly. She told me she sent out an e-mail in May to all the actors about this. Some reason, I didn't get it. I sent her all the info she needed. I'm hoping by week's end my name should be up there on imdb. I worked two all night shoots on this, a sistah needs to get her credit!

Today, I'm working on updating my resume and catching up on other work. Also, It's a Full Moon tonight. This name has many names: Mead Moon, Hay Moon, Blessings Moon, Thunder Moon. I'm naming it the Sweet Berry Moon because around here I see all these sweet berries growing on the trees.

Do something special tonight to honor the Sweet Berry Moon and yourself. As always, spend time today working and playing on your dream.



Caroline said...

I love to make wishes on a full moon! I will do that tonight... Hoping that your dreams come true too ;)

mystele said...

happy, happy for sweet shell!!!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on the acting work! Sounds good! Glad you will get your proper credit too.

Javajune said...

I love a full moon. I'm so happy for you and your acting career. I can't wait to see you in action. I'll check out IMB to see your name later this week. My full moon wish tonight is for good health, good fortune and a lot of happy days ahead. Good night moon, good night Shell.

mademoisellechitchat said...

Happy, happy for you!!! ;)

Genie Sea said...

Oh Shell! May you get showered with parts and bigger ones at that. May they never have to ask you for your info, but know it already :)

Happy Sweet Berry Moon! :)

Laurel said...

Congrats on acting gig. I am loving your sweet sunny attitude. Makes me smile. Big.

Love all sorts of moons sweet crescent is a fave as well.

Dia said...

Happy Sweet Berry Moon to you, sweet sistah!! May your name be *in lights* & may we see you on the silver screen!
I'm wishing for a transformed home & garden, warm & welcoming, sweetly serene!

O Sada

Cheryl Lynn said...

So happy for you, my dear. And glad you'll get your full credit as well. You deserve it.

I try to take your advice and attempt to do something every day towards my dream.

Thanks for being such a great inspiration.

Have a great day, Sweetie.

Dee said...

congratulations on your gig, and good for you to call and get your credit due!