Bright Ideas

Bright ideas swimming in my head:

1) Working on my first proposal to teach a class on monologues.
2) Beginning to get a feel on how I like to teach acting.
3) I need to eventually find studio space to rent.
4) Muting my inner critic who I call Ms. Priss..cause she is prissy!! (Prissiness runs in my family, though thankfully I don't have a lot of this trait) who keeps telling me you can't possibly do this.
5) Reminded that sometimes the hardest thing is just to start a new venture. Everything after that seems to get easier.
6) Shell self promotion: if anyone needs a private acting teacher in NYC area just send me an e-mail. brain feels happy. I can relax. On other news, I finished Jane Eyre yesterday. I do adore this book. And I'm now rereading Persuasion. Yes, I know I just read it. I felt the need to revisit it again. It's even better the second time around. After that, I'm rereading Women who run with wolves. I've read it when it first came out and again about seven years ago. Now time for a third read with me in a new decade.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with another post. Something silly and fun. I do hope you have worked on your dream today.



Christina said...

Doesn't it feel good to get those ideas of yours out into the universe?? Beautiful!

mystele said...

so excited for you! wow! go go go!

Genie Sea said...

I have read Jane Eyre at least 10 times. :)

I love your list. It's full of creative purpose and bursting with positive energy!