A rainy day with pockets of dreams

I send love to everyone who e-mailed me or left a comment on my Wednesday post. It made me feel not so alone. I am feeling more like myself today. I accept the path that I have chosen. Honoring myself is more important than pleasing others no matter how much I love them.

It is a rainy and gloomy day here. As you all know, I love rainy days just as much as I love sunny days. I will be nesting on my comfy sky blue couch. Dream and plan. Continue to read Emma.

How are all of you? Is life treating you well? I do hope so. I know I have been leaving videos a lot lately. This song has been playing in my head especially after Tuesday.

Here's some questions to ponder for the weekend. Do you still believe in the power of your imagination? As you've gotten older, do you think this is all your life is going to be. And have you gotten complacent with what your life is now? That having dreams is just for when you are a kid? If any of these questions resonate with you. Then this video is for you.

Sweet Dreams.



maritessb said...

i'm so sorry to hear that you were feeling down. life does that sometimes. with rainy days comes the sun. you shine. never forget that. :) miss reading your blog. i've been so occupied. i don't know if i'm burning myself out for nothing... but we have to keep the faith right?

Sarah said...

I think I do believe in the power of the imagination as it is the only way to picture ourselves somewhere different. If we can't picture ourselves there then we will definitely never get there. If we can then at least we have a chance. I also believe in it because it is the best thing about children and the thing I don't want to lose in me. I watch them listening to stories and they are there-you can see it in their faces, a real belief in magical possibilities.
Hope you are enjoying Emma. She is a character who I found most aggravating. I suppose she is meant to be pompous and to be made to see the error of her ways but I just did not like her! Give me Elizabeth any day!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Here is a suggestion.

When you're feeling blue, put on a black dress with jet beading, a black picture hat with a veil, and long black gloves. Then go sit in a neighborhood bar (where nobody knows you), sit at the end of the bar, and drink an apple martini.

The querying looks and sidewise glances will pick your spirits right up!

(I like this version so much better than the remake - though I feel disloyal to one of my faves - Johnny Depp - by writing it in public)

Anonymous said...

I do believe in the power of imagination...in fact, I LOVE my imagination. Willy Wonka is so rad.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely and I don't want to stop until someone knocks me over the head. Sometimes I think dreams are the things that keep us going at times.I think we all need to reclaim that inner child within us too.
Ok getting off my 'soap box' Ha! You made me think with your words!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Joel Osteen said that your heart's dream may be larger than the environment you find yourself in. (paraphrase)

I truly believe that this is the case a lot of the time. I am in the process of transition right now to follow my dream and to use the God given talent that I have. I don't know what tomorrow is going to bring or how I'll survive, but I'm trusting God that He will keep me in perfect peace if I keep my mind stayed on Him and my eyes on the Dream.

I love you and am glad to see that you're better. You take care of Shell.