Blue Sky weekend

Last night, I danced and remembered my friend, Sean under the Honey Moon. He loved Bananarama, so I played four of their songs in honor of him. I am sure he got a big kick out of it. I hope all of you had enjoyed the Full Moon last night. If you missed her, just know all that good energy hangs around for two more days before Lady Moon begins to wane.

It was truly a blue sky and sunshine weekend. Here in New York it has been rainy since June started and more is coming this week! I went to City Island for their annual fair with Lady A. If you ever come to The Bronx, you must go to City Island. It's like a nautical village in The Bronx. One of the many reasons I love my borough.

I took pictures. In all the fun, I forgot to take pictures of Lady A. and I. Oops. Next time.

Sailboats on the water with a backdrop of the Throggs Neck Bridge going to Long Island.
City Island view2

The water looking lovely with more sailboats...
City island view

This beautiful quaint church.
City island church

Now, Shell is on a serious budget. There was so much great art, jewelry and clothes at the fair to be had. Finally, I was mesmerized by this painting. So I had to get it. This is called Nature's Dance by the talented Jo-Ann Thompson Claybourne. My new painting hangs proudly in my bedroom. I took a picture of the actual framed painting. The original picture on Jo-Ann's website captures the colors better than my camera can.

Here's a big toast to all of you for a fab week. Hopefully this week I can do another video blog which I haven't done in a while.

Sweet Dreams.



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

everything looks terrific - and your painting is gorgeous!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said... the way - I think I exhibited with her at New Haven Open Studios exhibit.

Is she from CT?

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Shell!

Sounds like a beautiful time and the art piece is absolutely gorgeous! Happy week to you!



Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
Glad the sun is shining on you. Bananarama were great! Sean had good taste. I didn't know about the City Isle-it sounds great and the pictures look beautiful.
I love that painting too!
Have a great week.

Cheryl Lynn said...

I've had many wonderful, art and culture filled weekends like the one you so eloquently described. I miss it very much. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to resurrect my cultural field trips. I'd be hard pressed to pass up such a beautiful work of art myself. The painting is truly fabulous.

You have a wonderful week, sweetheart dancer.

Anonymous said...

I missed the full moon-good to know that her positive energy is still lingering. Your painting is beautiful and exudes such a feeling of pride. Love the pics. I'm not sure what's up with the weather but our june here in michigan has been quiet cool and rainy.

rochambeau said...

Dear Shell,
Your new art was worth the splurge. You will always enjoy her dance and she will remind you of what is truly important, to celebrate in the dance of life!

I come by way of Christina.

Lucrecer said...

Your painting is wonderful. Love it.

georgia b. said...

wow! what a fabulous painting! so original—like nothing i've ever seen.

i'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that i could discover yours. i love to find new blogs/photography lovers.

happy simple things wednesday!

gemma said...

Hi Shell
I was just wondering how you were doing with Sean being gone...and you mentioned him here. It is special to honor him with music he loved.