Monday, May 4, 2009

Capturing my Fancy

I had a fantastic weekend. Right now, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. So this is going to be a simple post. So what is catching your fancy so far? Here is what's capturing mine.

1)Mahjong. I'm addicted to playing my Mahjong on my computer. It's a great way to let my "Monkey Mind" go and tap into The Force. (No offense to my monkeys out there.)

2) Loving Solange Knowles' cd: Sol-Angel and The Hadley St. Dreams. I heard raves about her CD on her other blogs. It's really good and she experiments with all kind of musical themes. I applaud her for that. I will get her next one CD when it comes out. My favorite tract is the mind altering "Cosmic Journey."

3)One of my favorite authors, Judith Orloff, who is a MD and an intutive, has a brand spanking new book called Emotional Freedom. An insightful book. She has written three other books which I loved. She is my go to person when I need a refresh on how to keep balanced and in flow.

To give you something to groove on this Monday. One of my new favorite songs and videos Jamie Foxx's Blame it on the Alcohol.

Jamie foxx featuring T-pain - Blame it from VergoMedia on Vimeo.

What I love it's chock full of stars including: Samuel L. Jackson, Forrest Whitaker, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard and Quincy Jones. If you get into something naughty this month, just blame it on the Alcohol as Jamie says.

As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.


Anonymous said...

Such good things to capture your fancy! I really want to try Mahjong...but it seems so complicated! But I agree, anythings that quiets the monkey mind is awesome!

Sarah said...

Interesting to see what is taking your fancy at the moment Shell! I love the colour green at the moment, the book 'Tarka the Otter' and rearranging different little parts of my house to make me feel in control again! I have a very neat(if a little large!) pile of books and magazines by my bed! Hope you feel better too.
Sarah x

Cheryl Lynn said...

Wonderful things to capture your fancy.

For me, it's getting back into the Word of God on a regular basis, children's illustration/art, and giving myself an extreme makeover (without the knife, of course).

Thanks so much for stopping by and one day soon I promise to post myself fully stilettoed!

Kudos and Kisses!

Suzie the Foodie said...

I think Mahjong was made for the monkey mind in our brains for sure Shell!

I hope you share your cookie story with us even though you weren't super happy with how the turned out. Is there any way I can help? My cookies looked good but as I said, they were crunchy which I do not like but that's OK, I learned from the process.

Genie Sea said...

Jamie Foxx is one of the most talented people in the spotlight right now. Is there anything that man cannot do? :)

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