Beautiful Saturday

It is a sunshiny day in New York. I'm feeling in a happy mood today. I wanted to share more scans from my one of my favorite childhood books from Richard Scarry. I love the vibrant colors and painting style of these pictures.

Look at this beautiful Yellow..

The dreamy pink..

This brilliant blue sky..

A lovely Nature scene...

This sweet Chocolate brown pony..

How about writing a handwritten letter to a far away friend..

Hope you all enjoyed these scans. I will be sharing some more in June. Have a fab weekend. I'll be back on Monday commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the release of Star Wars. (That's Episode IV for those who are keeping track. It's the one that started it all.)

Sweet Dreams to you all.


Sarah said...

It has been a lovely day here too! I can't believe it is that long ago, I feel so old! Did I tell you before I love Richard Scarry? Him and Dr Zeuss. They would have been such great teachers!
Hope Sunday and Monday are good too-you have a long weekend don't you? We do too! Hurray!

Flor Larios Art said...

Beautiful illustrations!
Look at you...looking the same. haven't change.
Have a great weekend!

Judy Hartman said...

Oh what a great trip down memory lane, Shell. I loved Richard Scarry when I taught kindergarten years ago!
The illustrations are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

cool illustrations. I love children's books! Especially ones with lots of color.

Cheryl Lynn said...

How inspirational for me, a budding children's book writer/illustrator!

The colors are beautiful and I love the style of illustration, very whimsical, with extraordinary technique.

You have a wonderful Sunday!

Athelas said...

oh, I love this book!

Genie Sea said...

These are awesome! You should check out Mousetales!

These scans reminded me of her art. :)

Have an awesome weekend :)

Aibreann said...

It's gorgeous in New York, the
breeze is like a lover's caressing
Adorable pictures and the colors
are prettypretty.