The Sky and poems

As I was blog surfing, I read the wonderful Milliande's great piece on how to translate inspiration to art. I thought yes, she's is so right. We see the finished product but rarely the process of joy and sweat that gives birth to our creations. Inspired by her words, made me want to share my creative process.

How do you write a poem?. Let me first say I'm not a Master Poet. I do have a love of poetry and have been writing poems since my teens. I can share how I get inspired, write and edit my poems. I write a poem the same way I do when I'm memorizing lines and creating a character.

1) Deep sky watching. My view from my apartment is fantastic. Depending on where I'm sitting it can look like I'm up in the clouds. I take advantage of this by allowing my mind wander when I can. Great ideas come this way.

2) Ideas form in a visual way.
An image or a word will come into my mind's eye. Then I'm off and running to get to paper to write it down. Perhaps for you the ideas come in the form of one of your other senses: Sound, Touch, Feeling, Taste. Or a mix of two ways.

Here is an example of a part of a poem I wrote. This poem came about when I was writing another a post. The image of an elegant invitation and a woman walking alone in a long hall flashed in my head.

The music plays
As I enter
There is no one there
Save the band
Four elegant musicians
Dressed in tuxes and gowns
I look down at my invitation
To make sure this is the place
“It is the place.”
The voice is deep and melodious
Behind me
I turn to see HIM

3)The key is to follow how words sound and feel to me. Right now, I'm working on a monologue of Queen Margaret in Henry 6, Part 2., I let the words that I feel are key to the text help me get into the Queen. I do the same with the poems. When I read my poems in process. I look for the key words that open up the poem for me. Then drop words that don't feel right or over explain.

As I read this poem out loud, I can hear what words have to go. This is where I edit. I'm going to do it right here.

I enter
the lonely ballroom
there is
only a band
of four musicians
playing "Someone to watch over me"
I look down at
my gold inked invitation
"You are in the right place.”
A deep and familiar voice
speaks behind me
I turn to see HIM

Does this version of the poem appear better to you? Well this is open to debate. It sounds and feels better to me. Now my mind races is the song the right one for the poem? Should it be another song? Do i need more detail? I will take time to edit more. Then post it all when I'm done.

This is my process. Everyone's process is unique to us. As my acting teacher Hope would say : There is no one "Method", the only method is the one which we create for ourselves that works for us.

Now what is your creative process? I love to hear all. If you have a blog, maybe you like to share your creative process with others on how you create your art. Whatever our chosen mediums it's always fascinating and instructive for all of us.

Tomorrow or Friday, I'll be back with my musings on Pride and Prejudice. I promise. Have a beautiful Wednesday.

As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.

PS. Thank you Gemma and Gloria for sharing your lovely Haiku poems with me.


Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
It is always interesting to find out other's creative process and fascinating how different we all are in that way. Children naturally value the process of creating until adults start banging on about the finished product! (Not me, not me!)
I find it quite hard to analyse my process but one thing I think I always do is a lot of mental dwelling on and editing before I start. It's as if there are a set of problems to be solved to achieve the fleeting vision I had originally. Of course, a lot of ideas don't get beyond that stage or get scrapped at that stage. The other main way I do things is the 'by chance' approach where ideas occur as a result of something else and then I may explore that.
You (and Milliande) got me thinking with this interesting post!
Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post! I missed the blogging world so I'm back! Check out my new blog.

Lilli Blue said...

Rock on sister! i love to see your process. i always know it is done when it falls in the pocket. you can hear that metaphysical pop when everything fits and it is time to stop. blessings. thanks for visiting my blog. Lilli

Anonymous said...

I don't have a process...just every now and then out of the blue the "fancy" strikes. I think I have written 10 poems in my

Cynthia said...

Hi Shell, thank you for sharing
your creative process.

I draw a lot of inspiration from
the people around me, including
in this virtual world. Also Art
is a tremendous muse for me.

Khaled KEM said...

Hi Shell,

I enjoyed your process of creativity. It's a good exercise for writing poetry and it has very good aspects.

Cheryl Lynn said...

My, my. Both versions are beautiful, but I think I like the second slightly more.

You are so talented. I love reading your blog. Such an inspiration as per usual.

Love ya.

mermaid musings said...

you are growing beautifully chica!!!!