Jane Eyre

Is everyone having a wonderful weekend? I do hope so. Have you been doing any found poems? I'll be back with more poetry fun on Monday. This time try poetry working with word pools. If you have no idea what a word pool, come back tomorrow.

I finally brought my own copy of the book Jane Eyre this week. I can't wait to read it again. Now I know if you seen the many version of Jane Eyre movies, you have your favorite. As I stated before, Mine is 1983 BBC version with Zelah Clarke and Timothy Dalton. Close second is the recent one from 2006. My mom prefers the one with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles. She always goes on and on how handsome Orson was in it.

Here is a true confession for all of you. I did love someone who was similar in personality to Rochester. (No, he didn't have a wife locked up his apartment, thank goodness.) Was I his Jane? Maybe I was for a while..when I read or watch Jane Eyre I think of him. Seriously, Timothy Dalton was quite swoon worthy in this. I still have quite a crush on him even now.

As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.


Sarah said...

I love the old version that your Mum likes too but I think the most recent one is my favourite. I want to do a found poem from one of my education magazines which are worthy but sometimes dull! I am reading a Stephen King novel at the moment and the author in the story has an alternative world he can visit and he talks about the pool that we all go down to to drink-and this is a kind of word pool. He has lots of phrases-the kinds of idiosyncratic language that individuals develop and he says these come from here. I am intrigued to find out what your word pools are though!

gemma said...

Hi! Jayne Eyre has always been one of my favorites!

I have these words in my journal:
"The sweet moon through your lattice gleams, and lights your room like day; and there you pass in happy dreams, the peaceful hours away"~Emily Bronte

Anonymous said...

Never saw the movie. If I did a found poem today it would be something about mother nature's mean streak. We had 6 inches of snow dumped on us last night and it hasn't stopped yet.
Hope your weather is better.

glorv1 said...

I am just going to run out and get my copy of Jane Eyre and maybe even the movie. I'll probably try getting at Amazon, they always have everything. Thanks Shell for your very nice comments on my blog. I appreciate it. Take care.