Monday, March 9, 2009

Falling in Love

I always had a romantic soul. It's just the way I am. As I grew, I found myself falling in love not with just people. I fall in love with poems, flowers, places, clothes, colors and movies. It's no surprise to me that I've fallen in love with another movie. The twist for me it's a movie I've seen before. Usually a movie captures my heart at first viewing.

Last week, I decided to watch Sleepy Hollow on Showtime. I saw it when it first came out. I enjoyed the movie.Sleepy Hollow I love Johnny Depp; Christina Ricci is a fab actress. Still, the movie didn't grab me. My twin and her daughter love the movie. Each time it came on cable, I missed it. Finally, I saw it again. I was enchanted.

Why would Sleepy Hollow connect with me now? I'm not sure.Ichabod and Katrina Perhaps it's the magical dreaminess of the movie or the fact I have been to Sleepy Hollow which isn't that far away from me. Could it the misty gray shots in the forest and in the village? The beautiful clothes Katrina (Christina Ricci) wears; Or the sweetness of the relationship between Ichabod (Johnny Depp) and Katrina. Even how death is portrayed right along side life with brutal artistry. I'm sure I can muse on this for a while. It speaks to me right now and comforts me. Maybe that's what most important. If you like to share with me what have you fallen in love with recently, please do. I love to hear.

As always, sweet dreams.

P.S .I'm glad you all enjoyed the pictures around Union Square. I'm going to be bringing my camera with me when I walk about. Take pictures of my favorite haunts in the city to share. Hopefully, it will help me take better pictures.


Poetic Dreams said...

Sleepy Hollow was a good Movie. I drive my family insane with the movie Rocky. I love the movie so much I will watch it whenever it comes on tv. I also own the movies.All 6 of them are wonderful. Ya probably wondering why Rocky?

It's not just the movie itself, It's how it was actually made. The first Rocky was such a huge ordeal to make with a VERY Limited budget. I could go on about it but I think I'll not bore ya in a note with it. I'll make a blog one day on my Love for Rocky.

Lately my love has been working on my art. The need to create is big for me. I think we all run through phases of what makes us feel alive.

Oh, NEVER Leave home without ya camera! Ya never know what will trip ya trigger and ya'll be wishing ya had ya camera. I know I keep mine on me. I have gotten some awesome pics just on a spur of the moment kind of thing.

Wishing ya a wonderful night hun.
Big Hugs~

Her Speak said...

Oh Gosh--This is probably one of my All Time Favorite Movies--Tim Burton is a god. The bleaching process used on the film makes me drool. I've watched it hundreds of times, taking notes on lighting and shot framing to utilize for paintings. Christina Ricci has such an interesting silent film sort of quality about her and Johnny...

Oh! SOrry, I got distracted. He's a beautiful creature and wears the period costume SO well... *drooooool*

Thanks for sharing! I'll have to watch this movie again SOON! :)

Much Joy!~*

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

YOU are a doll!
Joelle XOOX

Rima said...

Hello Shell, thanks for your kind words on my blog :)
Pleased to meet you :)
I loved this film too.. I think it was the foggy forests for me :)
All bet wishes from the house on wheels to the Bronx :)

constance said...

i love this movie! johnny was so so cute in this!
thank you for your comments in my blog!

Anonymous said...

I have not seen this movie...but I sure want to now. I love a romance like this...dreamy, a bit dark, magical.

What have I fallen in love with lately? Hmmmm...I think it's team spirit. I am still a bit "high" from a triathlon I went to on Sunday (I just took photos). But the spirit of the people cheering was amazing. I loved seeing people be genuine, caring and happy. People cheering on teammates and's was a wonderful thing to see and feel.

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