Tuesday creative

Happy Tuesday everyone. I've been thinking about creating my own acting opportunities. I'm fed up being what I call an "acting monkey". (No offense to Curious George and other monkeys.) Coming in and smiling. Doing my audition and getting great feedback. Then waiting for a call or a job I want falling through. I know a lot of artists get to this point in their careers. What kind of acting opportunities? I have ideas swirling in my Aquarian head. How will I do it? I don't know yet but it's all part of the journey. This is my year of adventure, right? As I let that creative part of me start stirring, I have other creative projects going on.

I wanted to share scans I did from Victoria Magazine from Feb 1999 issues. These are the work of British mixed media artist, Sarah Lugg. The pictures fit for Valentine's Day.

This is the cover.

Here is another look at Sarah's lovely hearts.

Now, Love spelled out beautifully.

I always loved her work. She inspired me to do my own work on tags.Here are two of my tags I have done so far.

It's fun doing the collage tags. I'm currently working on more. I have been working with the program: paint.net. I'm still getting the hang of it. Here's one picture I did of my Gerard Butler as The Phantom. He is now the The Phantom of Hearts in honor of Valentine's Day.

Don't forget to enter for Swanofdreamers' birthday giveaway. You can see the countdown on the right side of the screen of the big day. The details are in the post below. Also, go visit Kathryn and join in The Valentine's Day Party on the 14th. I am participating and it will be fun. I have all kinds of romantic lovlies planned for the day.

As always, Sweet Dreams to you all.


jennlui said...

ooohhh i have to find me that magazine!!! i predict many many cool images for my collages... hee hee!!! no magazine is safe!!! ha ha ha!!!

beautiful tags shell, it's SO very much fun to play with images!!!

i totally have to check out paint.net... very interesting!!! thanks!!!

peace and love to you shell!!!

Lady Prism said...

Hey grrrrl....your bloggy' home just gets prettier and prettier each time I come by! You won't mind if I grab myself a cup of tea and linger for awhile, do you?

It's soooo relaxing!

And good for you! I was thinking along the same lines how I should start making opportunities for me too. You with your acting and me with my training gigs...what we're doing and going through is somehow similar in a sense that in my line of work, I primarily entertain as well.

So here's to you! May the fairy wings of creative blessings show you and me the way...it will..it will...it will..

Love to you girl!

and the scanned pics are like a virtual "eye spa" for meeeh!

Nicole said...

Love the magazine clips! Have I told you that I love all the Star Wars pics on the sides of your blog? I love Star Wars!

Poetic Dreams said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

I have so much to learn. I'm used to copying a code for MySpace and it working here I can't get anything to work. lol

I love ya blog. It's so inviting! Ya look familiar to me. I hope ya have a wonderful night.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful magazine cover! I love your tags...you are so creative.

So you have to go and read this post from Jesse...his blog is amazing! It will give you some food for thought on creating opportunities!

Big hugs!


Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
I love those tags. Good luck with making your acting opportunities.
Lovely images from that magasine too-especially all the different hearts.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Shell.... I missed your sweet face!
Hope your doing great!
Such a great feeling to see you on my blog again! Thank You!!
Joelle XO

mermaid musings said...

you rock!!!!
hugs hugs hugs i am so happy for you!

Arlene said...

Love those tags...Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Please visit again, new friend.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

I have that magazine! I still get it out and look at it!!!