Winter Wonderland

Me and my friend, Anakin just came back from being out in the snowstorm. I'm now very glad to be snug in my nook where I write. I can watch the storm from my warm bedroom.

I've had a busy week. On Wednesday, I went with one of my bests (best friend) to a party at one of the museums she works at. She is a museum educator and works at all the top museums in the city. The museum's party was fun. (I rather not mention the museum out of respect for my best's privacy.) It was crowded. All her co-workers couldn't be nicer. The food..especially the sweets were delicious.

Last night, I read my Tarot cards at a Christmas party. It was me and a cartoonist as the entertainment. This is the best party I've worked so far. The atmosphere was festive and lighthearted. People came to me with great questions and were open to the experience. As a reader, it makes my job much easier and enjoyable.

I got a great early Christmas present from my mom. I told her to get me one thing for Christmas: a digital camera. She said she got that and wanted to me a new t.v. I repeatedly told her I was fine with the one gift. Around the 10th time she asked if I still wanted the t.v., I finally gave in. I now have my 20 inch flat screen t.v. It is truly beautiful. I am loving it. So what can I say, you can't say no to Mom.

Erin asked me was that me in the picture of the Glam post. I wish. I just like the picture of the model. I should be getting my pictures from my tuesday shoot with Abigail this weekend. I'll post them for some feedback.

Now, I've rambled on quite enough for one day. I'm now off to go around in blogland to visit all of you. Take care and have a wonderful Friday evening.


John said...

Isn't it funny how mom always knows what you want? My mama is tricksy like that too. :) I can't wait to see your glamour shots! So exciting!

Much Love, Much Snow, Many Blissings~*

Her Speak said...

Hehe, sorry about that--using my brothers laptop. :)

Maithri said...

Dear Friend,

Its so great to meet you. Thanks for the beautiful trace you left at my place.

I feel the energy too here.

It feels familiar. Like I could pull up a chair in the corner and just read away, while lookin out the window at that snow storm ;)

We're in the middle of Summer here in Australia, so snow is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Your mom sounds like a great woman.

Enjoy the holidays,

May softness surround you and love come singin your name
through the snow,


LaTonya Yvette said...

Hi Shell,

I'm visiting from BATW. Your mom is so sweet! Enjoy your "Winter Wonderland" I'm enjoying mine here in Rochester, NY.

mermaid musings said...

yay for your mom!
I am a mommy and i know we do ANYTHING for you guys, children so God bless your mom!
hugs to my very favorite mermaid! shhh! don't tell the others, LOL