Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random and wacky facts

I feel to be a true blogger sometimes you have to share not only the deep stuff but the truly random and even wacky stuff about you. So here is mine. Yes, it's all me and true.

1) I dislike Nutcrackers. Yes, some people fear clowns, I fear Nutcrackers. It's really bad with Christmas right around the corner. They are everywhere!!!

2) I started reading Romance novels when I was 13.

3) I love wearing skirts especially long ones.

4) I love all chocolate except Chocolate ice cream.

5) As a kid, my friends would call me Rudolph because my nose would turn red from the cold. (Yes, my nose still turns red even now.)


Her Speak said...

What interesting tidbits! I love reading these posts. :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Those are AWESOME! I started reading romances when I was 13 too, LOL. I still indulge here and there. Fascinating fear, I wonder where that one comes from Shell? I am currently wearing a long shirt, LOL. We are so much alike when it comes to our tastes, it's filly. Although I don't think my nose goes red in the cold. My ears are pointy though so I think it's just that I am more elf. Hey, does that make me Herbie?!

mermaid musings said...

I LOVE skirts!!! any length!
one day i would like to own one of those from the period movies, i would look very big perhaps BUT i want one seriously!!!

p.s. my cheeks turn really really red when i get shy, or when it is extrememly hot out like on summertime.

maritessb said...

what an adorable post. it's nice to reveal rand tibits. i think it really makes us stand out. well tackless tibits. those were just perfect. i love skirts too.. i just don't look good in them.

Sarah said...

You are right to fear nutcrackers-pinched fingers are all too likely when using them! You will have to develop another technique-or get nutcracker assistance.

AE Rought said...

Sometimes tidbits are the BEST way to get to know someone, so thanks so much for sharing some of yourself! I'm with ya on the chocolate thing--the flavor doesn't translate well enough to ice cream for me to ever choose it over another flavor.

I think I'll snitch your tidbits idea for my blog tomorrow :)

Lady Prism said...

Interesting, really. I'd have to say this is the first time I've heard of someone not liking chocolate ice cream :)

I started reading romance novels around that age too, Mills and Boon particularly.

Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know these things about you:>

Sacred Suzie said...

You have the same Halloween mat?! I can't believe that! I hope we can put an end to creatively stretching money soon but it is a good skill to have. We can get through this, absolutely!

Nydia said...

It's so cool and fun to learn these things about someone we know. I loved postig rando stuff about myself as well. So you're a chocolate fan like me? I love everything chocolate, except bitter. And long skirts are so charming, I have some I treasure. Thanks or your sweet words on my Soul Coaching collage, btw! :o)

Kisses from Nydia.

Lady Laurie said...

I think these things are so interesting. Yes, it is hard to get away from nutcrackers this time of year. Some of them are kind of creepy, but I can take em' or leave em'. Now clowns I am scared of!

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