Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Ricardo

I am sending Birthday wishes and kisses to my still handsome Ricardo Montalban. He is 88 years young today!! I have always had a crush on Ricardo since my days of watching him as Roarke. Ricardo Montalban, an Emmy award winner and Tony award nominee, is best known for his iconic roles as Mr.Roarke on Fantasy Island and Khan in Star Trek.

What I love most about Ricardo, that he never forgot his days as an young Mexican-born actor being confined to Latin Lover roles. He created Nosotros in 1970 to help influence stronger and positive images for Latino actors in the entertainment industry.

Only in the past years, did I discover his earlier work in Hollywood. Despite his typecast roles, Ricardo brings charm,intelligence and style. I wanted to share a wonderful clip I found of Ricardo with Cyd Charisse from the movie Fiesta (1947). Enjoy.


Her Speak said...

Cyd is my favorite--I want to wear pink petticoats!! The two of them together are so dynamic. It doesn't hurt that Ricardo is devastatingly handsome. :)


Sarah said...

That's a good clip. I remember him from Fantasy Island the most I think. Has it warmed up there? One day it's cold, the next it is mild-I never know what to wear!

Anonymous said...

you are such a sweetheart, shell. thank you so much for all of your kindness. it goes a LONG way. and, i agree with your crush!

Nadya said...

Ooo thanks for sharing this!! I love Cyd, too, any old movies with dance are so delightful! & Ricardo has always been so yummy thanks!

Lady Prism said...

i looove fantasy island!

This is a wonderful tribute to Ricardo. Amazing actor!

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